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Why join SCS?

SCS  attempts to fill in the void in the academic life of students who wish to pursue Software Development as their career. While students manage to accumulate impressive amount of theoretical knowledge at school, they have next to zero practical experience, apart from a few small-scoped school projects.

Our solution is simple: Get you to work on projects that will teach you about software more than anything at school, and will certainly impress your future interviewers.

How can I participate?

SCS Hackers Group offers two positions:

  • Team Leader: The only requirement to be a team leader is to know the basics of software development. Basically, this means that you have enough experience to know why it is a bad idea to have programmers test their own code.
  • Junior Developer: No requirement whatsoever, except interest and motivation.

You become part of the Group by taking part in one project. Check out the project listing page for some examples of prior or current projects.

How can I receive the mailing list?

Just send a quick e-mail to scs.communications@ecaconcordia.ca with the subject line “Mailing list”.

What kind of projects do you promote?

Our projects are generally geared towards Concordia University students; this is quite natural, find-bride review considering that they are developed by Concordia students themselves. However, we welcome ideas that solves the problems of student population in general, as long as they have a software component.

Do I need to be a CS/SOEN major to participate?

Absolutely not. The only requirement to be part of SCS Hackers Group is to demonstrate motivation to learn. Our students have a wide range of knowledge and skills, and you do not necessarily need to be a wizard programmer to be part of this. Plus, as mentioned earlier, because our projects come from different sources, we get the chance to work with different types of people.

I am a first year student, and I just started to learn programming. Can I still participate?

Definitely. SCS Hackers Group was primarily created to help students learn. By joining the group, you are certain to discover concepts you will never see in the classroom, and, yes, learn in one project more than in a whole year of school.

I am a 2nd/3rd/4th year student, and I want to be a team leader.

If you already have an idea for a project in mind, contact our VP projects right now. If not, browse the list of available projects and you will certainly find some that will suit your skills.